White Blonde Long Curly Lace Front Wig - Extra Thick 200% Hair Density - Princess Series LPEVE17

White Blonde Long Curly Lace Front Wig - Extra Thick 200% Hair Density - Princess Series LPEVE17

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    • Color: neutral, vanilla white blonde  
    • Length: approximately 28" - 33"
    • Style: long, curly
    • Parting: left side part
    • This is a very special Princess Series lace front wig. It has even more hair than our already luxurious line of Princess Series wigs - this wig, LPEVE17, has 200% hair density. We created LPEVE17 especially for those wig wearers who prefer extra volume, extra coverage, and plenty of hair for braiding into more complicated styles. 

    Quick Details: Princess Series Wig

    • This stunning lace front wig is exclusively designed by, crafted for, and sold only by Pose Wigs
    • Heat safe up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Hair Density/Thickness: 200% extra thick
    • Fits up to 22" head sizes best
    • Adjustable elastics inside the wig for custom fit
    • Metal combs inside the wig to help secure

    More Princess Series Wig Details: 

    All Princess Series wigs are made with high quality, heat safe, synthetic hair. It looks and feels soft, like real hair. Princess Series fibers are heat safe up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning you may style your wig with heat tools such as curling & straightening irons.

    The Pose Princess Series wigs have a swiss lace front to help the wig's hairline blend in seamlessly & give the most natural appearance.

    The Princess Series lace front wigs have the lighter-colored, softer, invisible type of lace. It's also called swiss lace.

    They fit best on average head sizes up to 22", and tend to run slightly larger than the Pose Lady Series.

    Our regular lineup of Princess Series wigs have above average, 150% - 175% hair density. These wigs are more dense & full than your average beauty shop wig. This wig, LPEVE17, is even MORE dense than our already luxuriously full Princess Series wigs. 

    The photos show the wig straight out of the box, with perfect curls. Get a softer look by gently shaking out the wig, or combing through the curls with a wide tooth comb. 

    Please click here for all the details about our swiss lace Princess Series lace front wigs, including info on sizing, inner construction, and hair density.