Wig Wear and Care Kit

Wig Wear and Care Kit

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This wig care kit is the perfect accompaniment to your new Pose Wig! If you have a collection of wigs (or are working on it... ) this kit will help you keep them all looking fresh & beautiful.

We're asked all the time what our favorite wig styling products are. We've collected most of what we use on a regular basis here in this kit! You may use the kit with synthetic or human hair wigs; with lace front or non-lace wigs; with long or short wigs!

1 wig cap
1 wide tooth comb
1 wire wig brush
1 fine tooth rattail comb
4 croc clips
4 mini claw clips
4 claw clips
4 mini bobby pins
12 regular size bobby pins
4 long straight hair pins
4 short straight hair pins
approximately 20 clear elastics
approximately 20 dark elastics
1 small spray bottle (empty)
(Please keep in mind that the color/style may vary on any item, depending on what's available.)

You may also add an optional white foam wig head OR plastic wig stand to your order. Just select that option from the drop down menu during checkout!

Read on for even more details about the items:
Wig cap - it is the solid nylon stocking type of wig cap.
Wide tooth comb - a MUST for detangling long hair! Just like with natural hair, start at the bottom and work slowly upwards!
Wire wig brush - nice for brushing out your wigs
Fine tooth rattail comb - use this versatile comb to tease up the wig to add volume; use the tail end of the comb for making zig-zag parts; or use to smooth out a finished style
Croc clips - perfect for holding hair out of the way while you style
Claw clips/ clamps - we like to use these when sectioning hair out for braiding or other intricate styles
Bob pins - for touching up styles!
Straight hair pins - we love these for anchoring your wig. Slide them through the wig's cap and into your wig prep to make your wig extra secure. Alternate the direction of multiple straight pins for even more security (put in #1 front to back; put in #2 back to front; and so on).
Clear Elastics - we like the clear elastics because they disappear when viewed at a short distance. Magic!
Dark Elastics - great for brown or black wigs
Spray bottle - An empty spritz bottle in a variety of colors and shapes. Believe it or not, one of our favorite styling potions is... water! If you spritz a curly wig and carefully comb out her curls, she will really bounce right back to life.

(Optional white foam wig head - exactly what it sounds like! It's an inexpensive but very effective way to store and display your wigs. Great if you want to securely pin your wig to the foam head.
Optional plastic wig stand - this is a 3-part, white, plastic stand that ships flat & you assemble at home. It's less expensive to ship than the white foam head, so you save some $!)