Basic Wear Instructions:

 1. Pin your hair up, matching your hair's part to the wig's part. Use a wig cap or wig grip band, if desired. 

2. Carefully trim the lace close to the wig's hairline leaving 1/8” - 1/4” of netting.

3. Apply adhesive (optional), such as wig tape or wig glue. 

 4. Put the wig on: Flip head upside down, gripping wig at sides. Place wig front at your eyebrows & pull wig over your head. Setting it at your eyebrows can help keep it from slipping back. Pull back of the wig down. Flip head up again. Pull wig front backwards gently, until it matches your hairline. Pull ear tabs at temples into place, making sure they are even.

 5. Makeup and Finishing: Blend makeup into the lace front to conceal hairline if needed. Contouring makeup is helpful! Use heat tools on low heat to set the part and front hairline so it lays naturally.

**Do not use heat tools on your wig unless it is clearly marked as heat safe.**

To Maintain: 

Use a wide tooth comb or your fingers for detangling & styling. Carry a comb for on-the-go detangling, especially if you're wearing a long wig. 

Carefully clean makeup & adhesive off the lace front after your event. Air out after wearing.

Washing is not usually necessary after each wear; use your discretion to decide if the wig needs washing.

Gentle handling & care will prolong the life of your wig and ensure it looks great for every event. Taking the time to properly wash, comb, restyle, air out, and store your wig will make a huge difference in your wig experience! Enjoy! 

To Wash:

Fill a container with cool water & swish in some shampoo.

Put long hair in a loose ponytail to prevent tangling while washing.

Gently dip wig in the bath, swish, and let sit for a few minutes.

Repeat several times. Drain the bath.

Rinse under gently running water.

Repeat if needed.

Gently pat dry with a towel. Let air dry completely, or use blow dryer on low or cool setting.

Store on a mannequin head or in the original package once clean & completely dry. 

To Style: 

Your wig is made with high tech heat resistant fibers & can be styled with a blow dryer or some hair tools.

Use caution & check compatibility & your heat level! Start with LOW heat.  

If you are curling your wig, remember: synthetic hair holds a curl only after it is heated & then completely cooled. IE, curl a section of hair with curling iron. Pin up in place & let cool. Once cool, it should hold the curl.

Lady Series Wigs: Heat safe up to about 340 degrees F. 

Princess Series Wigs: Heat safe up to about 300 degrees F. 

Queen Series Wigs: Heat safe up to about 340 degrees F. 

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