What is the difference in your normal wig listings and male wig listings?
If a wig with the same name also has a male listing available on our website, this is actually the same wig as the normal listing! There is no difference in material, sizing, appearance, or any other features. The wig is just shown visually on a male and female mannequin head to make visualizing the wig easier.


What size are your wigs?
Most of our wigs fit about a 22" head size best.
Most (not all) of our wigs have size adjusters inside so that you may customize the fit. The wig's written description will state if it has elastic adjusters.
Our fashion wigs, Lady Series Lace Front Wigs, and Duchess Series Lace Front Wigs fit heads between 20.5" - 22" best.
Our Princess Series Lace Front Wigs & Queen Series Lace Front wigs fit heads between 21" - 22.5" best.
Everyone's head size + neck length are different. These factors could make the length of the wig on you vary from the length of the wig shown in the pictures.

How do I measure my head size?
With a measuring tape, begin at the front of your hairline & wrap the tape behind your ear to the nape of your neck around to your other ear until the tape meets again at the front of your hairline.

Will the wig color in the picture look exactly the same in real life?
Due to different monitor settings, lighting conditions, and so on, wig colors can vary slightly, when viewed online or in person.
Our wigs are all painstakingly photographed in-house, under professional studio lighting that is meant to emulate natural light in order to give you the best representation of each wig.

When I put on the wig, why does it look shorter when compared to the photos?
Your head size & neck length are different from our mannequin, which could make the length of the wig appear different from the length of the wig as shown in the photos.

I have long hair. How do I get a wig to fit over it?
Some of our clients wrap their hair around their head, & pin it in place underneath their wigs. It can be easier to get it slicked down, close to your head, if your hair is wet or damp to start with. Place a stocking cap over your prepped hair. Pin the cap in place.
You may also want to try braiding your hair into 1 or 2 very low, long braids at the nape of your neck. These can be criss-crossed; wrapped up; or wrapped around your head, and pinned in place. Place a stocking cap over your prepped hair. Pin the cap in place.

Do I have to wear a stocking wig cap?
Using a wig cap is a matter of personal preference. Most of our clients prefer to use wig caps because it holds the hair in place better & helps to keep the wig cleaner. In some instances, it may also prevent hair breakage due to the wig rubbing against the scalp. Bottom line: do what is most comfortable for you. A wig cap is included with each wig we sell.

Can I trim the hair? Can I use any hair styling product on my wig?
Yes. Our wigs may be trimmed or styled with quality hair products.

Is my wig heat-safe? Can I use a straightening iron on it? Can I use a curling iron on it?
Most of our wigs are heat-safe. Beside the photos, there is a written description for every wig. Check here to see if your wig is heat-safe. If your wig is heat safe: yes, you can style with heat tools.

How do I untangle my wig?
Just like real long hair, It is normal for wigs with long hair to get tangled with wear. We like to use wide-tooth combs for detangling. Just like with real hair - start detangling from the very ends of the hair, and work up towards the roots slowly.
Pro tip: detangle throughout the day! Carry your wide-tooth comb with you and comb through your long wig every few hours, especially the underside where it touches your back. It's easier to spend 3 minutes at a time on your wig, spread out over the day... rather than waiting until it needs a rescue mission!

What's the difference between the lace front wig series? 

Read our detailed descriptions here

I need help searching through all the wigs. 

Read our detailed Search Tips page for tons of info.

Will Pose Wigs sponsor me? Can I be a Pose Wigs promo model? 

Fill out our Influencer Questionnaire if you're interested in modeling for Pose Wigs. Also, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn about promo model searches!

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